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According to Vasona Networks survey show that : on the user's interests, the " Pokemon GO " is just the tip of the iceberg of the augmented reality game. Played the game at 11% of the American people, half of whom played similar to allow them to interact in the real world and the role of mobile games. Most of the respondents at least once every week to play the Pokemon GO ", and more than two-thirds of the people want to play the next version of the game.
The trend is a good news for game developers, but for the mobile operators may cause trouble, because it might destroy already crowded wireless networks.
The survey shows that:
23% think the game " Pokemon GO " most exciting feature is to go outside, there are 17% of people said AR function is one of the most exciting part.
69% of people plan to play the next version of the game, while 24% of people are not so sure.
67% of people at least play several times for the game Pokemon GO every week, more than 33% of these people to play every day.
Some of the Pokemon GO players will consider used in the game flow. If traffic is free, 51% said they would often more willing to play the game, another 26% said they are likely to play more often. However, 35% of respondents worry about traffic usage when chuan elf. As some operators to launch a new unlimited traffic plan, consumed AR game network traffic will be increased accordingly.
The product management director of Vasona Networks - John Reister, said: "the mobile operators is very lucky, because the Pokemon GO only lead to relatively low flow rate of consumption. The next mobile AR boom may be will come overnight, operators need to answer these questions, as the developers to add more features, the traffic demand will increase how much, and operators and what countermeasures?"
According to the survey, the Pokemon GO "the function of  future will make the application to generate more traffic demand. When asked about the want to see what kind of function, respondents answer is:
39% -Map overlay, richer map information.
26% -See the position of the friend and processes in real time
21% -Role can interact with the players
9% -In-game voice chat
6% -Game commentary barrage
The Pokemon GO can bring the  most of the players out to their traditional applications  comfort zone. When not playing games, 55% of respondents using social networks or instant messaging applications (facebook, sets), the second is to look at the video (12%) and browse the web (12%). Only 7% of people said, is likely to be other mobile games.
"Mobile network is more and more crowded, especially the impact of the games." Reister says, "with the existing network operators continue to input and began to build a bridge to 5 g, they must be prepared to the consumer is sensitive to time, low latency of data transmission requirements. The most important is that they would continue to provide excellent user experience."
Vasona Networks on August 17-23th surveied  more than 506 American "Pokemon GO players for aged over on the Internet .
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