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Although only in parts of the release, but has in the global set off a huge wave of hand travel, various social networking sites and news sites have been submerged . Here to collate all the big news that these two days of . See global players all have crazy.
First said the most important, China seemed to be playing, the following is a screenshot of a player this morning to provide and map site and museum shows, do GPs lock has been solved? We go and try it!
The latest news: this morning for a period of time can really play, but soon official to GPS lock it, Nintendo said is "technical problems", everyone is waiting for the national service.
help Nintendo's stock price surge
Because the market is optimistic about the latest release of mobile phone game prospects, issued on Friday after Nintendo shares rose 10% Monday was soaring 25%, triggering circuit breakers. It is worth noting that today is the anniversary of the death of Mr. Iwata So, Iwata So once said: our Mobile Games move, the face of and now hot scenes on Nintendo's positive influence, Mr. Iwata So didn't know what to think about the spirit of the deceased to do. global fire, but currently only launched iOS and Android, the so-called third platform Windows Phone is not seen. This soft powder for the cold has boomed, in a large number of fans to participate in the petition vote, many great achievements they are Win10 Mobile, Nintendo hope as soon as possible, do not regret bring order out of chaos ". At present, the petition has won more than 32000 A signature, the 35000 is about to reach the end. Love has been forgotten has never been three seconds WP platform remember.
Developers suggest Introduction the HoloLens version
Although the developers have not respond for version of WP , but the Niantic CEO John Hanke said may launch a version of HoloLens, he felt this game should be landing some ar equipment, such as Microsoft HoloLens and Google. If this plan comes true, then the future trainers capture won the elves may be used in military "catch", even the wizard holding in the palm of the hand, think there's a little excited?
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