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Since the launch of Pokemon Go, it become a global phenomenon. Pokémon GO is a GPS-based game that uses handheld technology and augmented reality to mobilize players in the physical world. The camera on a user’s phone works with Pokémon GO to reveal small creatures called Pokémon in the world all around them. People are addicted in Pokemon Go and it has taken the app-wielding world by storm. Since Pokémon Go’s Canadian release on Android and iOS devices on July 17, within its first week of the launch, Pokémon Go became the most downloaded app of all time in the App Store and, on Aug. 1, hit 100 million downloads. within a month, it took the title as most popular game in U.S. history (beating out the Candy Crush Saga, Draw Something and Clash Royale). The game attracts an average of 21 million players a day and, though it’s free to play, has generated roughly 1.6 million dollars a day in in-app purchases. You can see many adults and young staring at their phones and catching the virtual Pokémon in real world. The game is so successful. The subtlety of merchant let them catch the business opportunity. Restaurants, bars and coffee shops especially have had the chance to capitalize on the trend.
But do you know why is Pokemon Go so popular? Pokemon Go use the VR technology which let the virtual Pokemon appear in your phone screen in the real world. AR is different from virtual reality in that AR incorporates the real world into the view, while virtual reality, as enabled by products like Oculus Rift, builds an entirely new, all-immersive world. And people like this game mode fuses the virtual space and real space together. The ability to “see”things on your iPhone or iPad that don’t exist in the physical world is a tantalizing proposition, as evidenced by the Pokemon Go mania gripping the world. The goal of Pokemon Go, which pairs GPS information with a library of colorful “pocket monsters”is for players to find the monsters on their devices, and capture and train them.But there are real business applications for similar augmented reality (AR) technology that have already proven themselves in the market. New research from consulting firm Deloitte bears this out.
Out of 500 mid-market companies surveyed, a whopping 89% said they already use augmented reality in their businesses. That may be surprising until you realize that companies like Hunter Douglas has offered an AR app for Apple  AAPL 0.26%  devices for several years that lets you preview how a given window treatment will look in your own room before you buy it.Steve Keathley, deputy chief information officer for Deloitte said AR comes in handy for any application that requires a sneak preview of what a finished product will look like.In an engineering or construction project, technicians could use AR to view and interact with machinery, even if that machinery is in a remote location.
AR also enables engineers and architects to pull up blueprints, schematics, and instructions along with other data and view them while using their two free hands to do the actual work.On a smaller scale, makeup artists can use AR to show how a client will look after a cosmetic makeover before actually doing the makeover. Plastic surgeons clearly are another target audience for such technologies but doctors of any kind could use AR to give patients on on-screen tour of a recommended procedure in advance of the procedure itself.Employee training is another popular use of AR. Many of these companies use a 3D sort of “gamification”in their interactive training sessions, Keathley said.In other words, going forward, we’ll be seeing a lot more on our smartphones than adorable pocket monsters.
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