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Step one: the trigger
What is the "trigger"? To put it bluntly, is actually inside the user really want something, it is no stranger to any science and technology professionals, specific to Pokemon Go above, it triggers the three information to people:
Full of the feelings restoring ancient ways: Pokemon Go is already down in ten years ago. Many of the 80, their childhood is finally in hand (PSP), walk all the way to play the pokemon game. Pokemon Go gave everyone a chance to relive childhood memories!
Cure boredom of loneliness. This Pokemon with WeChat, weibo, sets no difference. How much life in the digital age we fear alone, lonely ah, everyone like with obsessive-compulsive disorder, from time to time out his phone and have a look at the latest development in the digital world. You need to interact with others, you need to have a common topic with all people. The concept of more healthy.
Now houses generally overweight, in general are sitting at home. And Pokemon now recommend that we all go out friends, close to home in the community for a walk, to explore, found that once you come out, there will be an unprecedented novelty, and you will find yourself is to become a different person. And the game will be in many applications to stand out.
The second step: action
From the perspective of the user, we often subconsciously ask yourself a question: in order to implement this action, I really want to do a few steps, the process has much trouble?
From Pokemon Go, it is divided into two steps:1. What you need to do is go out of your house, and then look at mobile phones, according to the prompt, waiting for the emergence of small animals. 2. Then you will cross the screen, the ball will be thrown into the distance, the process smooth smooth, entity.
Application is often the best use of people has some of the behavior, it is often easy, smooth and natural.
Step 3: variable returns
Technology how to "hijack" the thinking of people, Google's design expert Tristan Harris words embody the mysteries of them: "the key is to create a variable expectations, users will never know what will wait for their next second surprise. In fact, most of the time, in fact they have are disappointed, but people always put hope in the next time riddle uncover." Again, now we each hand toying with smart phones, the average person to check the smart phone number is 150 times a day, every time "drop-down refresh", in fact, our unconscious is want to see can have the "notice", we are eager to appear on "social radar" a small red dot, the little red dot proved that miserable that some sense, we proved that others need us.
For game Pokemon Go ,such psychological demands is more intuitive. We desire on a mobile phone can find little monster, sometimes they jump out to, and then ran away, and we need to do is to hunt by the number of red ball thrown to them. This search, capture, eager to the next meet more surprise, will it achieve mastery through a comprehensive, addictive.
But this is one of the most severe place is to give people a very strong eating, every time to catch, regardless of the little monster is rare or ordinary, it will always give you the next higher expectations, it will continue to urge you to open the mobile application, imperceptible passed few hours...
Step 4: pay
"Pay" is the last step of the addiction model, but it is also the most difficult step. In front of a lot of products are doing very good, but fall short in this step.
The amount of time. Sunk cost is the time that you invest in these costs, will only more and more, and in the cost of more and more at the same time, it is not easy to accept you hand to give up all the achievements acquired at the cost of time.
The social network. Life's friends in the above, we eat in a day, fitness, date will talk about it, and all social circles to move
onto the Pokemon, you can't do a man pull out easily.
Money. Pokemon Go after the release, in the United States launched less than 1 week, it is already taking $14 million! More it is worth mentioning that the game does not require users to spend a penny to buy, you met in the game are optional purchase digital goods.
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