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Relevant experts say, Pokemon Go daily use number down is a "phenomenal" game of natural phenomenon, makes the game a higher profile in the short term attracted a lot of powder "passers-by", the group quickly after trying to leave the game, almost difficult to settle into a long-term users.
In July, in less than a month time after winning nearly 50 million daily active users, Pokemon Go in the next month lost 15 million again .Since late July, Pokemon Go daily active users, users stay time ,this key indicators go falling. Huge change caused the concerns of the industry: Pokemon Go, the integrating AR technology and strong IP of the game, is losing the player's favor? Former vice President of blue harbor interactive Wang Shiying told the reporter of the 21st century economy, this is a "phenomenal" game in the aura faded after natural phenomena. Lost 15 million users, currently has more than 30 million  living ,Pokemon Go is still a "world-class" game.
Innovation works before investment managers zhichao Sun told reporter of the 21st century economy, Pokemon Go day live user attenuation from game content itself, rather than AR technology. In contrast, Pokemon Go distributors nintendo seem to be prepared, in July, nintendo laboratory's founder, John Hanke most: this version of the Pokemon Go only provides one over ten of the content.
Several third parties to provide, according to data from the AR (augmented reality) + strong IP push red game "Pokemon Go", daily active users are gradually declining.
Capital management Axiom provides data show that since July, Pokemon Go active users are in decline, decline in the same data also includes game downloads, and a single players to spend time on this game. Pokemon Go daily active users of peak appears in the July 20, after that the global login Pokemon single day the number of users Go to nearly 45 million .
It is important to note that 45 million is the Pokemon Go online about a month after the hand over report card. Other key data indicators include provided by the Axiom, "war" between players. In Pokemon Go, after collecting elf player, can be "fight".
The attention of domestic users to Pokemon Go recession is more obvious. So far, Pokemon Go hasn't been formally entered China, but you can take advantage of foreign accounts, virtual methods such as GPS positioning to avoid the lock area. Index shows that baidu search engine users for Pokemon Go attention peak appeared in the July 11, then falling, now search index is only about one 6 of July 11. A similar trend is also reflected on the Google.
According to the third party App Annie to provide data show that Pokemon Go download ranking in hot areas are almost in the phase of attenuation. But the attenuation rate is different in different areas: on August 16, Pokemon Go take the lead in the Japanese market dropped out of the game download first five categories; In addition, in parts of Europe, Pokemon Go download ranking slide appeared more obvious, such as Italy. After entering in August, in many countries, including the United States, Australia, Japan, the application in the market, Pokemon Go all in the past ten. But in the middle of the game category, Pokemon Go still have dominant: its download game category in most of these countries ranked in the top five, there is no lack of download ranking maintain in 1 ~ 2 of the market.
You know, in the whole July, most of the time, the game is more than one country APP store download all categories of the top two."This is still a world-class product." Reporter exclamation Wang Shiying to a 21st century economy. At present in China, millions of daily live users can count as a line of domestic mobile game products. Therefore, argues that Pokemon Go developers don't need to worry too much about for daily active users of attenuation.
Indeed, Pokemon Go is still in its early stage, it has a strong advantage of IP and with AR natural game world view. But it does be industry for lack of good plot design, so that in its most hot stage, namely a voice said: this is not a player to remaining in the game for a long time .
There is no data show that Pokemon Go day drop in the number of active users whether trend continues.
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