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On August 24, Pokemon Go experienced a game update, the game players have cracked the new patch  game source code soon, according to the source code, future versions will join a number of changes and a lot of new functions ,including support for  Pokemon Go trading, open god beast Pokemon Go capture, new in-game purchase props and so on, while these new features did not update to the game, but let's first see this belong to future versions of the new element!
As 《Pokemon Go》stand-alone game one of the main game, Pokemon Go trading systems will join the Pokemon GO is no longer a  secret, before also have official media reported this system is likely to launch in October, the source of information have confirmed this,  in the code can be found : trading search, provide trading, trading  response, trading results such  entry, clearly shows the Niantic forthcoming Pokemon Go deal this game .
Pokemon GO the latest update patch has increased a large number of game source code, revealed the future versions will join many changes and new features: including support Pokemon deal , open capture god beast Pokemon ,game store within the new purchase props, etc. Although the new feature has not  been launched yet, But let us first glimpse of the future in the new version of the update of the content .
Now Pokemon Go game store  can provide the props are still quite limited, "Cool" and "Floral" type of Incense,  Incense can attract Pokemon  to your side in a certain time. "Cool" and "Floral" or may not be a formal name, the name is just a placeholder. There may be a new type of egg incubator as Nintendo  Pokemon Go handheld classical works, trading Pokemon is a lot of fun of the game.The new version of the evidence can be speculated that Niantic forthcoming Pokemon trading function,  in the code can be found : trading search, provide trading, trading  response, trading results such entry,
Although we have been found the god beast level Pokemon generation eye three birds in the game code before  (frozen  bird, lightning bird, fire bird), but they are not open to the public in the game. TThis time we have found a new god beast Pokemon , but also found "capture active god beast Pokemon (Activity Catch Legend Pokemon)" such words in the code, before the game only appear " capture  the active Pokemon " ,expect that the game future versions  will open  god beast level  Pokemon capture during special events .
In addition to the pavilion, we also see the code of the game " Forts" site. But by the foreign media analysis "Forts" may simply refer to "the house battle".
Pokemon  partner  --Buddy Pokemon
Perhaps you can specify one " Pokemon  partner"carry it with you. Can follow around the protagonist, andquickly  interact with it  and reward.
We found a new content package folder called "VR" ,contains "Platfrm" and "Cardboard" folder. That might mean Niantic is ready for Google VR devices (corresponding Google Daydream and Cardboard  VR devices) launch Pokemon Go corresponding VR version, get more immersive experience.
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