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Before we have been reported with foreign manito cracked Pokemon Go source code, find which add the "buddy system". And recently, Niantic officially confirmed the existence of such a system.Niantic on his own website issued a statement is as follows:The new Pokemon Go update will bring "partner Pokemon" system. Players can choose from his collection favorite Pokemon to be the partners, and getting exclusive in-game rewards and experience. Partner elf will be in the personal information page, and the player's trainer image appear together.
Can take a walk through with it, get candy this bonus. Players can change at any time to partner elf.According to the analysis of the code before, every time an elf can only be "partners", although can go out for a walk with many times, but the number of candy every day there is a cap. In addition, the "partners" have a variety of state, such as medium and large size, also can let it fly in your side, or on your shoulder.On this system, however, when online, Niantic did not give a specific date, just said "recent". At the same time also did not mention a new tracking system updated.Due to the application of the game to a small number of AR technology, also let a lot of people think AR in the spring.But for the real practitioners, the Pokemon Go still has significant limitations, it also had little impact on the development of the industry.
Engaged in VR entrepreneurship BeanVR CEO qin kai said in an interview with interface news reporter: "the hit of the journal of Pokemon Go, in fact the main is the value of the IP. In the end it wasn't a real AR game, is more of a LBS (location) of the game."AR is more distant than VRBlue port interactive CTO psoriasis tell interface news: "the Pokemon Go" at the core of the play is based on the previous Niantic above research, a journal of Ingress game, AR just additional features, and the Pokemon Go "itself is a global super IP. Is actually LBS play + IP + AR stunt the appeal of the common led to the game, hit."
To do research and development of VR content day s culture media CEO sail, also said in a very short period of time, will appear a lot of similar scanning by mobile phones, then in reality to add augmented reality (AR) physical play of the game, but the Pokemon Go not because AR to fire up this technology.
Of multiple investment professionals in the field of view of interface journalists expressed AR game, they think that there has been no see there are real game of AR technology. The Pokemon Go "is a relatively new gameplay, even so, due to the AR technology is still immature, they tend to see more of VR games. After all, the VR technology is more mature than AR.
Mark zuckerberg has foreign said: "although the company has the AR technology research and development as a focus on the object, but to catch up with VR technology achieved today, it will be a long time."AR need to be embedded in the virtual objects in the real scene, objects need real-time response according to person's gestures, to achieve the technical level, the host must have a great deal of computation, it also requires more chips and the capacity of the host. As a matter of fact, there was no hardware products can carry such a large computational complexity.VR on the other hand, see the scene is virtual, users through on-the-spot feeling virtual scene dynamic change, at the request of the hardware were lower than that of AR, and more suitable for the current scenario for the entertainment industry, such as games and live.
 So game companies have also in VR industry layout, notoginseng and entertainment has said VR is the key to the layout, since this year has invested in Canada Archiact and day culture two VR games content providers.However, investors are generally think VR developers run faster than the equipment in the content, the turning of the VR devices with the smartphone generation are different, the forms are still in the rapid load, iterations, spiral upgrade. For content research and development, at present stage, still lacks a stable development environment.
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