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Home > News > One player of Pokemon Go across four continents gather together 145 pokemons
Brooklyn, New York, a named derekjohnson (Nick Johnson) guy has caught the popular mobile games <Pokemon Go>has released all pokemons, before this, he has caught 142 pokemons in the United States . this records may will be  broken by himself. he is likely to become the first "catch master" in the world .
Rick Johnson and his girlfriend came to the hotel in Hongkong,the staff was wearing Picacho cartoon clothes warmly welcome them to their hotel 
Johnson has been trying to catch all pokemons of <Pokemon Go> , he caught 142 kinds of pokemons early in American . Due to the remaining three rare spirits are outside the United States, so Johnson start the travle in a few days ago.
From <Pokemon Go>  on the basis of the original games shows, the <Pokemon Go> total has 151 pokemons , but there are six rare Wizard cannot be captured. In the rest of the 145 elves, the United States has 142 species, the other 3 are in the foreign country.
By the end of July, Johnson became the first American in the United States that has caught all 142 pokemons . Under the auspices of the Rewards Expedia and Marriott, last week, Johnson start his travle again, to find the remaining 3 kinds of pokemons.
Its not easy to catch the last 3 pokemons,but he eventually overcome the difficulties, they can all be caught. And in the global catch pet brigade in the process, he found himself suddenly famous.
Now that he has finally achieved the goal, Johnson says he feels great, a feeling he has never had before.
First stop, Johnson went to Paris, France to capture only have come from the European continent Mr Mime. Johnson and his girlfriend in the hotel by hotel staff warmly welcome.Johnson said, arrest Mr. Mime process is difficult, because as his leave of that day of, the developer of the Go Niantic completely change the position of the Pokemon appear, this means that before he Reddit and Facebook to collect the information of all useless,obviously have not a lot of time for Johnson, he must in Mr. Mime grab it before changed position, the situation a little nervous. In the end, he lucky to a small park in the south of Paris found  Mr. Mime and successfully captured it.Then they moved to Hong Kong, due to the typhoon influence, his arrival time has been delayed for a day.Johnson said at the time of Hong Kong, he received a large number of fans and media under sieged. His aim was to capture the Asian unique Farfetch here 'd Pokemon . In order to catch up with the travel schedule, sponsor company sent a car to help him to complete the task; They took about half an hour is met he wants to catch Farfetch 'd Pokemon .After that, he went straight to the Sydney. After experienced difficulty, he finally captured Australia's unique Kangaskhan Pokemon . At this point, he elf elf total to 145 in the warehouse.
The developer of the Pokemon Go Niantic suggested that before missed a few Pokemon will appear soon. In fact, it is because of the small fault, some people can get ahead of the legendary hunter.
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