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According to leading market research firm App Annie released data show, Nintendo's popular augmented reality game Pokémon Go launched only 63 days in revenue to more than $ 500 million, which helped it become the fastest in the history to reach that milestone hand tour product.

App Annie is expected that if this rate continues, then, Pokémon Go to the end of this year's revenue will exceed 10 billion US dollars, which is away from the game in July 6 on the line was only passed six months.

In fact, just one day before the Pokémon Go developers Niantic Labs CEO John - Hank (John Hanke) just announced at Apple's new conference PokémonGo downloads has exceeded 500 million times. Moreover, Nintendo and Pokemon Company (The Pokemon Company) will also be on sale on September 16 supporting the product Pokemon Go Plus wearable bracelet, this bracelet without pulling out the phone allows users to quickly capture wizard. Is simply, when the user has a passing elf locations PokemonGo Plus wristbands will begin to flash blue, then the user can simply press the button since tried to rein elf. Successful small device will flash colorful lights, failure will flash red.

At the same time, Nintendo and Pokemon Pokémon Go company also plans to make the landing at the end of this year at Apple Watch.

It should be noted that the game is not completed independently developed by Nintendo, Pokémon Go Nintendo is holding 32% of the Pokemon Company (The Pokemon Company) jointly developed and Niantic, Niantic is Alphabet from Google (microblogging) parent peel out of the company.

Initially, Niantic is to obtain a mandate to develop the company's Pokemon Pokémon Go, and the Pokemon Company and Nintendo each hold a stake in Niantic. AppAnnie think, Niantic is expected to generate more revenue through cooperation. For example, in addition to outside McDonald's Japan, Softbank has announced in early September, a partnership with the Niantic. Agreement shows that Softbank's 3700 stores are as Pokémon Go Hall Road site or pocket. Senior vice president of marketing communications and research App Annie Danielle - Vitas (Danielle Levitas) said: "One of the highlights of the Apple press conference before the game is, and on-line PokémonGo means that the top ten mobile games will be landing Apple Watch .Pokémon Go through iOS platform and Google Play app store has revenue of more than $ 500 million worldwide, while the expansion of cross-platform games that will encourage more game developers to consider developing a wearable device game. "

Vitas pointed out that the number of games wearable platform has reached 1762 models, an increase of 25% over the same period last year. However, there are a number of people in the industry also believe that, Pokémon Go game downloads has ushered in a slowdown, almost inevitably will decline in the future. But given the current huge base of game downloads, Pokémon Go ushered in the decline of the time I am afraid, I will not come soon enough.

In addition, a research firm SuperData Research believes, Pokémon Go now total revenues of $ 395 million, there are some differences with the App Annie's data.

Super Data CEO Joost - Van der Luning (Joost van Dreunen) said: "For PokémonGo, the 500 million downloads of very alarming, and for mobile game industry has set a very high goal, it is no wonder the start will Niantic server encountered many problems. over the summer and fall of players freshness downloads Pokémon Go sooner or later will usher in decline. Honestly, Niantic PokémonGo probably never thought would be so popular around the world, the company is also followed with more companies have signed a cooperation agreement, and even launched a Pokemon Go Plus bracelet, and the debut in the Apple press conference is even more strengthened its brand vitality. "
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