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Have such a small number of players, they have game enthusiasts and technology curtilage double identity, so they don't like ordinary players conform to play games, but will use their own "skills" to discover hidden secrets of the game. Recently they unpacked the Pokemon Go code, found it unpublished dozens of  setting.  Pokemon Go looks like a lot of big games, also built a lot of Easter eggs!
Through the game data unpack, Pokemon Go players found a large number of undisclosed information about the game, here are some of their findings:
Trainer for highest grade level is 40.
The highest level for the Pokemon is 40 , incubation level is 20, the wild Pokemon highest level is 30, so when you get a genie egg in 37 level, it's same as  level 20 incubation effect  And level for more than 30 players can find the spirit of the highest CP (strength) is the same.
At the time of capture Pokemon ,curve and the accuracy of the size of the rings (nice, great, or excellent) are helpful to improve the capture probability.
The future may appear less eggs hatch Pokemon required distance of incubator. (in the code for a class of incubator in incubator called "distance".)
With accuracy and crit rate setting.
Each Pokemon has its own unique capture rate and the rate of escape.
Damage may be associated with the level of trainers.The higher the grade, Pokemon capture the more difficult will be .
Mewtwo, Moltres , lightning bird, frozen bird are the legend in the pokemon GO rank Pokemons .
Dream is a myth.
Asia limited Farfetch'd can exist... changed by Ditto .
Level 39 to 40 need to consume 5 million experience, from level 1 to level 40 you need to experience for a total of 20 million.
In game Pokemon Go, the Pokemon have a basic attack, defense and energy (HP) three attributes, means  compared with 3 ds version of the Pokemon, they didn't have attack and special attacks.
Dragonite has the strongest base damage level of the legendary Pokemon ,its value is 250.Mewtwo based attacks is 284.
Moltres is the highest base attack in the three great god beast, frozen bird has the strongest base defense. Because properties, although lightning base attack almost high as theMoltres, but the actual attack is discounted.
Legendary Pokemon have escape rate data, but there is no capture rate. So they may need to masterball to capture, but where is the master ball do  not clear.
Attribute consistent bonus to exist in the game (Same -type attack bonus), bonus coefficient is 1.25, the skills of attribute one of the attributes of pokemon is consistent with the attacking party, attack power increases by 25%, so the damage caused to the other side will rise by 25%.
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