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Online from July to now just a month, Pokemon GO free on apple's app store application download ranking champion throne win the nearly three weeks, the last week was replaced by a  named Bitmoji application.
But a market research company App Annie, according to data released Pokemon GO is still a 36 countries downloads of the highest free apps, and also the apple's App store sales in the United States's highest application.
And, as more and more people think that the game's boom is about to retreat, market analysis firm Sensor Tower gives the data tomake a lot of people continue to keep optimistic attitude. For the first time, according to data from the Sensor Tower in after upgrade, Pokemon GO by the average user consumption compared with the average 26 minutes of game time right now before we ushered in the rise.
At the same time of Pokemon GO hot period, also brought money income for game operator. Pull - Martin, the us investment bank Needham, an analyst at the ruhr (Laura Martin) earlier revealed that enter the United States in ten days later the Pokemon game GO create income has accounted for half of the total American mobile gaming revenue, namely the game revenue is equivalent to the sum of all the other mobile phone games.
Apple will  takes thirty percent of income from every iOS game, so Martin predict that  in the next year or two years, apple alone from Pokemon GO on revenues of $3 billion will be able to get into. Also according to the data analysis company App Annie gives the analysis of the data show that Pokemon GO so far stable can make 10 million dollars a day, and as the game to enter the market and increase gradually in the area, the number is still in steady rise.
Intage Japan data company has issued a deadline on August 3, the Pokemon GO operational data report. According to the report, the game in Japan on July 22nd, in the online game is more than 10 million people live on the third day users, usage and Facebook and Twitter. Relatively speaking, 10 -, 19, launched the first day when the user the highest proportion, but from the second day began to decline gradually, and 20 to 34, user utilization rate is gradually increased.
From the point of the game time, Pokemon GO in Japanese users use 46 minutes on average. Of data points out that the online actually to a great extent, squeezed the use time of other software, only Twitter and sets under the impact of the Pokemon GO can use time in ascension.
In the Pokemon GO landed after more and more areas, Chinese players has always failed to through normal channels to experience the most mobile game of the world. Developers Niantic CEO John Hanke (John Hanke) had previously said in an interview with Reuters, is about to open the Pokemon GO global advance process, is expected to be launched in about 200 countries and regions of this popular game. Currently has more than 40.
Although the official did not specify whether the game will be to enter the Chinese market, but Hank clear technical launch Pokemon GO is entirely possible, at the same time he declined further comment on the prospects of the future in China to launch the game.
After the Niantic in Facebook to answer questions from a netizen: "the game will be in China on? We had a hard time," said in a commentary, Pokemon GO will be open to players in the world, but does not include China mainland, China Taiwan, South Korea, Cuba, Iran, myanmar and Sudan.
At the end of July, then such a screenshot, namely the Pokemon GO official Twitter wrote: "catch demon masters from China, we are glad to tell you the Pokemon GO will be online in China, it's time for action!"
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