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Although recently there has been refreshed by Pokemon Go game's  messages and popularity ,But development studio Niantic said, this is not the end of the whole  Pokemon Go .
Past dynasties"Pokemon Go" one of the most important element in the game: communication, is the Pokemon exchange function between players, has not appeared in the present  Pokemon Go yet  , at the beginning of the conference and the subsequent E3 show, Nintendo and Niantic have promised this function.
In accepting Gameinformer interview, Niantic CEO John Hanke said : at present they are constantly develop Pokemon go update, one of the most priority is the communication function, the function is the fastest in two weeks.
"This is a core function." John Hanke said. Exchange of  the Pokemon is not only a complete map, but also some Pokemons necessary means of evolution. This kind of play way originated from Pokemon Go's father Kaozhi Tian 's one experience of collecting insects at his childhood,then achieved through two verisons of the game simultaneous release by Shigeru Miyamoto ,in the original《Pokemon go: red/green》of the game, some Pokemon only exists in one version, the players must be collected by exchanging them.
The future can be expected features also include a list of factors 、the factors of the construction of the pavilion.
Due to the actual site is a very important element in the game, Niantic programmers are considering how to make an issue of on this point. At present, people can in the Pokemon collection points, that is  Pokemon Go put the bait to attract more Pokemon .The future there will be more such elements: such as players can through the cooperation to set up new pavilion and collection point, and make them have more functions,  and increase the gain rewards and confrontational. As you can imagine, in the future Pokemon Go 's location elements  will be more close to the Ingress "portal" as the stronghold of the sketch.Players in different camps around the competition for positions and  to get rewards and resources.
Business model, Niantic also start to explore. Because of the Pokemon Go hot, leading to a lot of small shops started using Pokemon Go to marketing - these cafes and bars are often near the  Pokemon Go . It inspired the Niantic, John Hanke says future maybe will have  commercial cooperation with some shops , the shop can apply for pay to be the  rallying point or pavilion of Pokemon Go. This seems not a bad thing, but also for AR technology and business combination, entered the mainstream view, this business model is definitely a boost.
These updates will be coming soon in the future, the update frequency will generally remain at once every two weeks, that is to say, the fastest two weeks we will be able to use the function of the communication or friends list in the game.
However, according to the Pokemon Go official Facebook message, China is not within the scope of the game's opening. If the player really want to have fun in the game, estimates that only waiting for things have a turn around.
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