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In view of the Pokemon GO , a great success, after you see a lot of App in the market also is not what strange things are emerging. Recently, its developers Niantic CEO John Hanke told foreign media Game Informer said in an interview, he was very developers are welcome to join the ranks of, at the same time, they have also been in Niantic platforms open a number of new projects.
There is no doubt that the "Ingress", "pokemon: GO" this kind of augmented reality game, Niantic is the first to eat crab, in which the pokemon: GO is also used to a lot of information by the Ingress to  collect. Hanke says the future there will be more games can do this.
 "Our primary strategy has been to build a platform, with universal significance for other games can also be in the galaxy, frankly, also don't need to be game, content for fitness, exploration and
social software can consider." Hanke says, at the same time, he added Niantic there are multiple, which is based on the platform of the project is under way: "the Niantic platform is an important
part of our long-term plan, now we have some on the platform in the development of the early stage of the project, everyone in the future will have a chance to catch a glimpse of their presence."
When it comes to competition related topics, Hanke says he is looking forward to see more games like "pokemon: GO with geographic coordinates to exert charm of AR technology. "I think this is a very healthy way of a game," Hanke says: "the present similar games still have a big success in this market space. At the same time, I also think that for publishers and game designers, developers, is a very new field, in which they can explore the possibility of more. In short, they have the very big innovation space."
In the interview, Hanke showed his optimistic attitude towards AR technology: "the game of virtual world and we are in the real world of blends for each and every one is a very positive one, it will make people have more power in your life and an excuse to exercise outside the home, go to places they never go to more and friendly for benign interaction with other people." Moreover, Hanke said Niantic plans to continue to join in the pokemon: GO innovation means new content, one of which is to meet with you partner system. Under this system, players can choose an existing elf, and in a specific area to "walk".
So far, the pokemon GO for developers and investors to get as much as $440 million.
Pokemon Go have  the  mysterious contact with Frieza
Did  someone who saw  dragon ball and pokemon friends have noticed, that is Frieza and  super dream really like, I have always felt that  the "super dream" in game Pokemon Go and "dragon >" Frieza really same  Since nintendo released the pokemon XY CSL dream of new form, I feel more like...
Because is the universe eldest brother, so be inclusive food refrigerator FREEZER) Japanese cartoonist Ming works in "dragon ball" that bird mountain beauty important villain bane article, big boss.
One of the most powerful warrior in the universe. He use his eyes to judge things, and it can survive in a vacuum environment. Claims to be the most powerful cosmic emperors, lined up a lot of men, suppression of rich resources of the planet, and with the help of the alien technology between main ships for military aggression, select the amount of force and lean more. For fear of the emergence of super messiah who destroyed the planet vegeta, almost all the messiah who died out. Later Foley, overheard vegeta conversation with he learned that the counter to have dragon can realize the desire, then set out to the beauty counter in an attempt to achieve immortality. But shortly after he arrived, his one killed by vegeta and sun wukong, etc, to personally for three period of transformation of power to make everyone feel despair, since killed kling wukong extremely angry awakening into super people, finally defeated after a battle royal.
Super dream is the development of Japanese nintendo handheld game series "pokemon" and based on its animation series "pokemon" mythical creature in one of the (pokemon). In the game, super dream has been treated as the strongest rival players. Because of its various strengths and weakness of less, causing players to continuously explore singles defeat mengchao, or limit your opponent's strategy in PVP.After the Frieza become a  gold Frieza, super dream is finally out of the dark form, provenance is arcade bag an iron fist. May be able to with the black form Frieza corresponding.
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