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From the official online until now, Pokemon Go has created more than $440 million in revenue .The data come from  Sensortower, In earlier Sensortower had reported Pokemon Go  income is $200 million at the first month.
The site also notes that Pokemon Go revenue has exceeded the summer season of many Hollywood blockbusters ,of course, compared with $640 million of "suicide squads" and "big love dandle confidential" for $726 million still have a bit of gap. At the Box Office Mojo 2016 movie Box Office income list will also be able to see, only 11 of a movies of this year more than Pokemon Go two months of income.
The expensively "Pokemon GO" what size is it? App analysis company Sensor Tower's answer is $440 million recently, so powerful footnote to Sensor Tower directly take the Pokemon GO and hit movie comparison at the same time, not various mobile game .
 According to understand, even in the face of "warcraft", "independence day: return" and "angry birds" such a heavyweight rivals, the nintendo's augmented reality mobile game is not fall in the wind, with only within the advertising and purchasing mode can every day bring a profit of about $4 million to the owner. Although compared with early open clothing, a drop in the heat of the journal of Pokemon GO now, but the Sensor Tower according to the average daily active users in the United States still reached 32 minutes game time, while the iPhone users to install the Pokemon GO, 12% did not appear anticlimactic the embarrassment of losing steam, and don't forget to the mainland market to haven't open!
Pokemon Go can list to 12 in the 2016 Hollywood movie box office
Today, the game profit beyond Hollywood movie is not a new one. Call of duty "series often can refresh starting sales record to the entertainment industry, and it was on sale at a speed of almost every year for the first time. But for spirit Pokemon Go and nintendo, this is still a reason to celebrate.
Of course there is also a view that Pokemon Go has entered a saturated state, the number of users is gradually decline. Along with the continuously for game developers Niantic official update new content, this situation may be improved.Pokemon Go out have nintendo stock rally, even stimulate the few elves treasure on the 3 ds can Pokemon Go game sales.
As Pokemon Go hot , in addition to the game operators and developers made BoPan, also led to a series of surrounding the development of economy, many players to the rare Pokemon at trek to catch, too, in the east Japan earthquake hard-hit Miyagi prefecture in order to revive the economy, decided to invest 30 million yen budget linkage Pokemon Go, let the Pokemon to help local assures.
In order to attract tourists, tourism recovery, Miyagi prefecture in 2016 to calculate case with 30 million yen for the Pokemon Go, of the 30 million, 10 million will be held in October this year in Miyagi activities, 15 million as attract disaster areas surrounding "POKE STOP" map made propaganda cost, and 5 million will be delivered to the Niantic, as the cost of the system changes. Let these Pokemon to help local, assures aims to help the region's economic recovery.
Before we had reported the AR game Pokemon  GO  on hot at the same time also brought some negative effects, such as play man driving the Pokemon  kill events Etc. But if we can make good use of this , the game still has a good effect.
 Miyagi also let the Niantic put in a lot of in the disaster areas in the county "qualified" during the Pokemon to attract tourists. Can think in this way to revive the local economy, linkage nowadays the most popular game, is really creative, had to light a praise for the local official.
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