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Game Pokemon Go is fire all over the world, today do not bullshit to introduce how to play , direct cut to the chase: a fake news around the game.
About the game Pokemon Go have a lot of negative news,one of the most famous are these below :
No.1 : Shock !!The world's first caught Pokemon Pokemon Go player crashed from the bridge and dead.This is saying that a Mexican players to play too preoccupied, dropped down from the bridge (a wide spread degrees) .
No.2 : I really don't know just catch Pokemon  where was the fun? See the news in order to play a game mobile phone broken ,such are small problem. We see not falling bridge or is a car accident, and  now have one for the game to killed his brother! All crazy.. Please do not indulge game cherish life.
This is saying that a little boy killed his younger brother because he thought he deleted his Pokemon Go .
No.3 : The American news said that have four young players use  game Pokemon Go to robbed .
This is saying  that because a child playing Pokemon and be tempted to a remote region robbed by several bad man (a  bad man rob a child still use to cheat he purposely to remote areas?) .
No.4 : Pokemon Go -Australian police warning players! Someone play to crash!
This is saying  that a player to play too ecstasy, a big car accident on the motorway.
No.5 :American girls play Pokemon Go to the river to catch the Pokemon found the bodies.
This is from This is People's Daily online reprint, said is Wyoming 19-year-old girl Shayla Wiggins (very professionally, even made up a pseudonym) in 8th 8 PM local time (this time is also tastes news) with a mobile phone, want to capture the Pokemon in near the water, but the results found a dead body floated in the river.
Fortunately, the police to the scene soon after get police ,they are still investigating the source of the body, believe that the  bodies there is less than 24 hours.
Such  false news so many here so do not give a list.
These news play an eye-catching title, with regular news content, not only have the time character location photos, also made up the police spokesman name... But the news is false, all the so-called "pictures", all copy and paste from other reports.
In the United States, there is a website named Cartelpress (Monopolies news), it is a specially written disinformation fake news website, is similar to the onion news, but the level is far worse than the onion news, writing is just in order to attract attention and eye-catching.They write a sensational false news, attract netizens, thus increasing clicks to attract advertisers.
While many netizens in order to  laughs, just copy the news to social media, some unknown spectators will believe the truth, even some of the media also for the  clicks, do not know the cause, just copy the news release.There is such a website, called Reddit, this site is a bit like domestic baidu post bar, everyone in the above registration, post, true and false also need not managed ,and no one shall be investigated for responsibility.And all about Pokemon Go "dreadful news", almost all from these two places.
These fake news accord with the curiosity of people, conform to parents education for  child's psychological, and these messages, there are some also through some very authoritative media agencies, such as the BBC, CBS, etc.
But it is important to note that although the message on the BBC website, but  it is in the BBC's blog, that is their Writer reproduced's move on to their website, is not the official editorial reproduced. That is to say all these news without verification of these institutions, they can't take these rumors as a news release. Just let them on site personnel, after they regardless.But on the other hand, indulged games really is not good.
Moderation in all things, the game in the final analysis is a kind of amateur pastime, must be based on principles of pleasure, not indulge among them, causing excessive physical and psychological burden. Game is a kind of programming, it seems, is essentially "with changeless should change". Man-machine against  do not too serious, therefore, should win at random, being on land, settle. The game is wonderful, life is also very exciting.Many rewarding hobby is "gaming", more should not be addicted to video games and delay the normal work .Wish have a good day !!
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