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Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game which encourage people go outside and find Pokemon. The ultimate goal of this game is to complete the entries in the Pokédex. So you need leave your familiar area to search more Pokemon. Some people choose to drive so that more and more traffic accidents happened. Recently Nitantic has updated Pokemon Go and added a pop-up message when the GPS determines you exceeding the speeds humans are able to travel using two legs. Maybe it works but there are also some annoying problems. How many times a day do you hit that "I'm a passenger" button? But sometimes the system still can not distinguish well. A lot of people out there tired of seeing this warning pop up when they're not anywhere near a moving vehicle.Now there are some ways to avoid this driving warning in many situations.

You know that Pokemon Go relies heavily on GPS for most of the game's behaviors. Pokemon Go is said that it has used VR technology and it blurs virtual space and real space together. In many times, the game mainly relies on GPS. The game mode is that using the devices' GPS capability to locate and capture Pokemon. So if the warning always exists, you can just make sure Wi-Fi is enabled. A big problem with the current Pokémon Go driving warning is when it happens as you're sitting at your work desk trying to catch that Magmar while your boss is distracted. You clearly aren't driving, so why is this happening?! The short answer is something called GPS drift. Your phone can't get or maintain an accurate GPS connection, so your avatar drifts in a radius around your position, since it's not possible to get a clear lock.

If GPS drift is getting you down, turn on Wi-Fi to get rid of it.The only thing you can do about this is enable Wi-Fi, which your phone will use to help gain a more precise location. WiFi access points are fixed, and can frequently be used an an additional data point in keeping your GPS position locked. You don't need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network; you just need to have it enabled so it is scanning for available networks. Set Location Accuracy to High. Many phones will automatically adjust how frequently your GPS attempts to grab a precise location when battery saver mode is enabled, and on several phones that location accuracy setting isn't adjusted back to High until you explicitly tell the phone to do so. Head to the Location tab in your settings panel, and make sure the Locating Method option is set to high. This will ensure you are able to get the best possible GPS connection, which will help you maintain a stable position in the game.

Other ways that you just need to watch your speed. If you're riding a bike or skateboard — or trolling a giant parking lot in a car so you can cheat and get your eggs unlocked faster — remember to keep it under 6.5mph. You'll avoid the driving warning, and get the maximum travel distance for your eggs. Sometimes the simplest answer works. Pokémon Go awards distance traveled for eggs based on straight lines. The game pings your phone, waits a few minutes, and pings again. If the distance between those two pings is determined at under 6.5mph, your egg distance is increased accordingly. The main idea is paying attention to your GPS then you can avoid the pop-up message.
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