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Although in Asia PokemonGO temporarily can not play,But from the perspective of the national regional news of can play every day there are some interesting news about PokemonGO, even the mobile phone game has become a social phenomenon .Some people predict that:" What interesting anecdotes and news would happen if you can play PokemonGO ."Because there are too many possible interesting would happen, so i just list some.

First one : Fall into the ditchs .Maybe you will ask me  why fall into the ditch, of course in order to find the Pokemon to see the mobile phone have  not pay attention to the surrounding environment .

Second : Heat stroke .Now is July and August,one of  the hottest period of the year,there will be a group of people outside  to find Pokemon too long  to lead to heat stroke .

Third: Abnormal Man .There will be some idiot or abnormal condition in order to play the game as a pretext for reason ,Such as "because I found Pokemo under the girl's skirt, so to reach my mobile phone in the following" or something like that .It is illegal abnormal man not trainer !

Immediately go out to grasp the Pokemon ! Guys,come on !
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