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In the United States, "Pokemon Go" had highly favored players in the market gradually occupy a dominant position,its a successful casual gamers of all ages players includ their parents and friends. In addition, the game also enables augmented reality technology into the mainstream, before this, only by face transplant Snapchat lens augmented the reality technology into the market.
However, since the beginning of this game, its troubled by security issues, not only a serious threat to people's personal safety, but also has the leakage of personal information and other digital informations.
Safety issue. But because of its popularity, no one seems concerned about the safety of this game. "Pokemon Go" game alert warned us that when something that was popular around the world, people are often seeking only to play, but the security ignored.
The pokemon Go players in the process of trying to catch all the pokemon ,completely ignore the common sense, and safety in disregard, mainly displays in the following six aspects:
Basic safety awareness
When the game pokemon Go push out , reported a false news, claimed that a player for playing games, led to a most serious road traffic accidents. Before long, the similar accidents is really happened. A player driving careened into parked at the side of the car, because the three policemen was on the sidewalk, and fortunately escaped, was not injured.
Child safety threat
With busy to catch a rare Pokemon (Pokemon), allowing the vehicle run free or not lock is very foolish; His devotion to search Pikachu, let the child in sorching summer hours are no one care, nor drinking water ready for children, it is unforgivable. Arizona is such a tragedy happened, the local sheriff in the arrest of a pair of husband and wife crazy infatuated with the games, said of the couple's behavior "unreasonable".
Since it was introduced the game, the media have reported that many accidents associated with the game, people unknowingly went to the wrong place, for example, are tricked into don't usually go to place, and then mugged. The pokemon GO the most horrible thing is that it will lead players to GO outside for a better game experience, some absent-minded players because of indulging in the game world, thus ignore the risk of side.
Digital security
The pokemon Go initially launched only in Australia and the United States, and the rest of the players also crazy for it. For iPhone users, the game has a workaround, to deceive the iTunes, make it thought the mobile phone has been registered in the United States or Australia. For Android users, is more simple.
With the aid of lateral load software (side - loading), the player can download a copy of the game from America or Australia, and its installation, to bypass the Google Play store. Many of these illegal downloading involves malicious software, which infected tens of thousands of mobile phones. In addition, hackers can access to all the contacts and messages on the phone, also can call high charge for phone service (premium rate lines), and players are ignorant.
People have been warned the lateral load (side - loading) potential harm, know should not run the lateral load, but when it comes to the pokemon Go game, the potential harm for crazy players no longer exists.
Privacy consideration
Many people said that they attach too much importance to their privacy, closed position and the other tracking service. But the pokemon Go to game developers sent a large number of sensitive data, such as name, age, email, location, etc. Some have questioned Niantic will be how to deal with these data. Usually, game players of The game's privacy policy, but The Daily Beast or The Daily Beast Samantha, Allen said Niantic may "will be handed over to law enforcement, these data will be sold its profits, or Shared with third parties, even The data stored in other countries privacy laws and regulations is not too serious."
People would buy safety to the thing that oneself like to disregard, the pokemon Go "is the best proof. Niantic company has now issued a warning to remind players must pay attention to safety in the process of playing a game, put an end to play a game while driving, and only play games look at behavior such as road. Players should also act as a deterrent, in crazy chase pave the elf at the same time, do not forget to protect themselves, family, and the safety of others.
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