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Recently, foreign companies boss have issued a warning to the staff, said: We arepaying you to work not chase fictional video game characters with your cell phone
allday .Save it for your break time or lunch.Otherwise you will have plenty of time unemployed to “Catch them all ”.
Play crazy! Australia 2000 Pokemon Go game players teamed "parade".According to kotaku reports ,recently in Sydney have up to two thousands people in the public meetings and processions, they just to play Pokemon Go. It is understood that the two thousands game players in the streets of Sydney extends from the Sydney Opera House to the perimeter of the park.
The Washington State Department of transportation have to through the official twittertips each driver friend: if your weekend plans include through GO looking
 for aibrahimovic,please ensure safety first! Don't capture the Pokemon when driving.
The Pokemon GO to achieve a lot of players childhood dream,in the world set off a newwave of hand travel, but the criminals also saw the opportunity.
According to foreign media Gizmodo reports, Missouri, O'Fallon area police station
public a statement,four suspects in the important position to waiting for passing
ThePokemon Go players, and then armed robbery.In the past few days, a total of ninevictims was robbed.The latest robbery occurred at 2 a.m. on Sunday, thecriminalsuspect in a BMW car robbery was arrested by the police. Police said they had three ofthe four people was the first criminal, two of them were 17 years old, two people atthe age of 18.O'Fallon police issued a proposal,the suspect is use game in the robberyvictim, if you or your child just play < Pokemon GO>,please pay attention to your safety, pay more attention to strangers and remind your children to pay attention tosafety.
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