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Just a month ago, Pokemon GO  become  the most mobile game of American players in history - but as time goes on, the players are greatly reduced. What reason is this ?
With the passage of time the Pokemon GO heat is gradually decline .Bloomberg recently released data show that the Pokemon GO reached its peak ,in the middle of July the users are about 45 million, but after four weeks, the user has dropped to about 30 million.
This is way? Although no one game can maintain such a high population, but the game user lost so fast can not explain. May be in yesterday, people also run around in order to grasp the Pokemon ,but after a month, the game fresh disappear, players lazy cancer attack, "busy", to play the Pokemon GO "people are less and less. Of course, after careful analysis, we found that there are the following reasons.
News reports fell
According to Google news trend data analysis, "Pokemon GO" just released when received widespread attention, news effect "makes the game under welcome, but too many reports brought high does not conform to the actual downloads, when after a period of time, the game is back to the real strength of downloads of the game.It may be that the reports in the press or others, because we heard less and less to play the Pokemon GO and out of the car accident, or broken into military forbidden area, or to a desolate graveyard, or just a few more let a person tired of story - especially after the games, attention drop greatly.
People are more willing to play the game of the real world
The Pokemon GO need players constantly running cycle will produce a great fatigue, the Pokemon GO, the first purpose is to encourage players to go out for a walk, don't curtilage in the home to play games, but too much stress can cause negative effect instead, especially in the hottest  July. Players may also be  frightened by the negative reports, such as go out to play robbed or shot by a terrorist, fearful users more readily can comfortably in a sofa to play games.
Single game mode
Many of the early commented that "Pokemon GO" lack of variety of game funs, after playing for more than a month, even the most loved to play with players will also feel a little boring, like when you catch a Pidgey, the game will lose its appeal to you.As BuzzFeed said, the game is "walk around, find Pokemon station, where some Pokemon often appear, may be on the playground, may also be the gym, repeated  this , this is a little boring."
The game often have all kinds of problems
This is probably the most critical reason is that the game officially released version and original video has great discrepancy, and  the formal version also has all kinds of loopholes, user experience effect is very poor, the server often cause collapse, players often be asked to log back in and so on .
Game developers in Niantic recently released a small update to improve the game environment, but if they want to maintain the game popularity, clearly need to do more than this .
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