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Pokemon go online already has a very long time, many junior partner still indulge in grasp the Pokemon of happiness. However, along with the continuous renewal of version, Pokemon have caught more and more difficult.So what are the skills about Pokemon go ?As a player, the following will share with you the Pokemon go catch spirit experience.
New tracking system finally updated online with Pokemon go, unlike in the past, no footprints, the scope of updated to 200 square meters .
Look for such a big range, if don't have a clue about go, still can't find in tracking interface may be minutes of Pokemon . But don't worry, the former FBI agent abroad (break) in disorder has been released.
The most scientific 100% hit the grasp!
1. When you see on A track interface to soothe the Pokemon go, pick one at random direction straight, until the Pokemon disappear, as A point
2. 180 degrees turn back immediately, when Pokemon disappear again to point B.
3. From point B come back to AB two attachment point.
4. At this moment the Pokemon will be on your left or right, pick a direction, if the Pokemon disappear again, on behalf of the direction of the Pokemon on the other side. If you are a direct hit mark, congratulations!
Within 200 meters of Pokemon will appear in the Sightings on the tracker。
Have a system using the method of cross find, can quickly find what you want the Pokemon !
The success rate to determine
Hold the ball has a smaller circle, the circle green roughly a 90% chance to catch, red is only about 20%. The smaller  circle is , catch the chance will higher.
How to improve the success rate
1. In general the densely populated place Pokemon density is big, of course, the more people has caused a lot of times you don't have to, Pokemon have been seized by others.
2 .Capture for the center with depot spirit is also a good idea, promise you can catch and supplement enough Pokemon It is said that each area, the distribution of the Pokemon to catch the success rate is not same with, players can change more place to try .If you happen to meet someone with a bait module can also share this, use the depot of the decoy module will be falling petals rain, will attract Pokemon appeared, at this time, it is ok to wait for the Pokemon appear around the depot.
3. Using red tendril blackberry (Razz Berry, 8unlock), ) or more advanced super ball (Great ball, grade 12 unlock), can improve the odds.
4. This is the most basic is also the most difficult, improve their grasp of Pokemon .Hold the Pokemon ball, ball circle around the Pokemon ,Pokemon ball will spin, throw out would be a curve. It is said that this can improve the capture probability of the Pokemon ,but also can get extra experience. Kill two birds with one stone.
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