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How to catch a Pokémon in Pokémon Go. By default, this part of the screen shows the three closest Pokémon to your physical location; clicking on it will reveal a wider look at the available Pokémon to catch. Each one has anywhere from one to three footprints underneath it, with one indicating that it's especially close to you and three meaning that you'll have to keep walking to find it.
At least, that's how it's supposed to work. A "three-step" glitch rendered the nearby tracking system effectively useless, and Niantic has gotten rid of footprints altogether as of a late-July update. For now, keep moving for awhile; a Pokémon will eventually appear on the map, and clicking on it will initiate a battle.
Battles aren't between two Pokémon, though. They're between a Pokémon and your ability to swipe a Poké Ball in their direction. When you engage a Poké Ball, a colored ring will appear around the opponent. These change in size after each capture attempt. Throwing a Ball during a smaller window seems to be more effective, based on our time with the game, but that's a part we're still trying to figure out.
For more on the particulars of Pokémon catching, check out our explainer.Where can I find a Clefairy, or a Pidgey, or a Horsea, or ...The point of Pokémon Go is to travel around, exploring different geographic areas to find appropriate Pokémon. In a small town, expect to find a lot of normal- and grass-types. Going near water will attract water Pokémon. Playing at night brings out more nocturnal creatures, like Clefairy and Gastly.
In our, oh, 12 hours with the final build of the game, we haven't been able to explore too many diverse places yet. It remains to be seen if iconic landmarks bring rarer finds. Several fansites exist that have real-time maps of which Pokémon have spawned where, however, although Niantic is reportedly shutting down some of the more popular ones.
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Are there items to help me find, catch and train Pokémon? There are a variety of items to purchase that aid capturing and upgrading monsters. These can be found in the shop, and include a number of Poké Balls, as well as the following:
Incense: "Incense with a mysterious fragrance that lures wild Pokémon to your location for 30 minutes."
Lucky Egg: "A Lucky Egg that's filled with happiness! Earns double XP for 30 minutes."
Egg Incubator: "A device that incubates an Egg as you walk until it is ready to hatch. Breaks after three uses."
Lure Module: "A module that attracts Pokémon to a PokéStop for 30 minutes. Other people around the PokéStop can also benefit from the effect."Each of these items cost Pokémon Coins (or PokéCoins) which, unsurprisingly, must be bought for real money. Take a look below to see how much the game is selling PokéCoins for. If you'd rather not spend the cash, prepare for battle: Standing undefeated at your gym will also net you PokéCoins.
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Okay. Now, back up: The heck is a PokéStop? These are notable locations in the vicinity. They're represented by a blue marker on the map. Clicking on the marker shows a picture of the building, monument, park or what have you. Swiping that picture will often net you a handful of items, like some PokéBalls or a Pokémon Egg that, when hatched, could add a new Pokémon to your collection.
PokéStops: Where to find the game's hottest spots
You should be able to locate them easily in-game, but for those who intend to travel across the land, searching far and wide for international Pokémon, some fans have already created maps to help you plan your journey. The location data for PokéStops has been culled from Ingress, Niantic Labs' previous game, meaning those familiar with its map will know where to look for those landmarks.
PokéStops are also some of the best places to look for Pokémon. When you discover one with swirling pink flowers around it, that means another local Pokémon Go player has attached a Lure Module to it. That's your signal to start heading toward that particular PokéStop, as several Pokémon are bound to spawn around it left and right.
Do those include gyms? There are gym battles, right?
Gyms in Pokémon Go: How to train, claim and win. Pokémon Go does include gym battles, but battling is one of its biggest changes from the Pokémon games many of us know and love. Gyms are interspersed around the world, just like PokéStops. Trainers have to be at level five in order to face other trainers, but these battles are typically one-on-one against another trainer's team.
Every Pokémon has a combat power, which varies and can be increased using items. Battles are determined by a number of factors, including type and combat power, but you won't be selecting one of four moves to use against an opponent. Attacks are doled out by tapping a monster and swiping to dodge enemies' moves.
Gym battles are one of Pokémon Go's more complex features. We did our best to break down how it all works, from claiming rival gyms to fortifying friendly ones, in our explainer.
Can I fight my friends' Pokémon? Nope. The only battling currently available in Pokémon Go is during gym battles.
How do I make my Pokémon stronger, then? Pretty much just through items. Every Pokémon you collect comes with stardust and candy, which can be used to increase its combat power. As for evolution, that also requires the use of specialized items, called candy. You can also power up your fighters by competing against other trainers' Pokémon during gym battles.
What about trading? Not currently offered, although Niantic apparently has plans to add the feature in a future update. You can transfer a Pokémon to Professor Willow, but that's the same as releasing it back into the wild.
Can we talk about Professor Willow for a second? Sure. Is it just me, or is he ... really attractive? It's not just you. Look at him! professor willow Man. Ahem. Anyway. What other incentives do I have to play, gym battling and Pokémon-catching aside?
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