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Unless you don't care about the news, without internet access or a hermit, or you will not fail to notice around the various media news about "Pokemon Go". Many,  people go out to enjoy the fun of this latest game. I saw many news stories are around this game "addictive" properties. But in the end is what reason let into such a game has a strong attraction it. Here are some of the reasons I think:

1 Popular licensed game with novel elements.
  "Pokemon Go"is a contains a variety of related products (: such as animated movies, cartoons, card game image collection, etc.) of large licensed content. But not the same with certain authorization is, this game attracted the attention of various ages and different gender of internationally and various elements of the game (such as the use of the AR) also provides different players in other games of the new experience (i.e. the real world place for players to explore their surrounding places or any possible place the Pokemon will show up).

2.Fun, easy to play, and free to play.
  Unlike many popular games is that you do not need a dedicated host to the game. This game there is no barrier to entry. Any have smart phones can download and play this game anytime and anywhere, because players need only at a specific site (i.e. Pokestop in their own equipment to catch the Pokemon.

3.It has incentive.
  The reward of this game can help players get achievements as well as the game has incentive a study the factor of the target."Keep it suitable" site  wrote: "is from the target trap catch Pikachu) confidence inspires people to continue the game, that players of the by the effective in promoting. Every time when your phone rings, you can reap the rewards, i.e., it will remind of Pokemon is all around you, and this is a very basic psychological state."
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