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Since its release,  "PokemonGo" occupy the top of the downloads and revenue and attracted numerous media attention, at the same time it also firmly occupy the user's screen. We all know that mobile gaming has become a popular content to promote the industry. In simple terms, GO Pokemon is based on a real geographic location and scenes, looking for Pocket Monster's game, according to the map tips, go to the designated location, you will find the Pocket Monster. In order to gather together Pocket Monster, we can not wait to run down the street and look for the Pocket Moster.

Why is the Pokemon GO so Hot?
1. Nintendo
It can be said that Nintendo is the first person in electronic games, at that moment,the game machine is popular all over the world. In order to prevent a number of low quality games affect people's impression of the game machine, but also to balance the game supply and the speed of the game machine, Nintendo embarked on the road to the development of the game. Nintendo has developed the "Super Mario" and "Pokemon GO" and other favorite game. From 1996 to the present, Pokemon has been updated to the sixth generation.

2. Ingress
Then let's talk about Ingress. This is a real game based on AR(Augmented Reality). But the game style is totally different from the Pokemon Go, it is more biased in favor of urban combat.
Pokemon Go inherits the portal layout of Ingress, and has a similar operational logic, therefore, the emotion is similar in the game experience.

So, Pokemon Go let the two group of fans love deeply, and now, do you kown why this game is so fashionable? if you also want to enjoy the game funny, welcome to focus on my news and you can also buy some Pokemon GO account or other items.
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