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With the new Apple iPhone and Apple Watch will stimulate fruit powder "buy buy buy" determination, but also spend Mario, Pokémon these "national-level game" Nintendo fans renewed feelings. Meanwhile, Pokemon GO Watch also added more features on the OS, trainer capture wizard will become more convenient. On this point, some users said: Pokemon GO function after implantation of Apple Watch really be called a "monster watch." (Here only with Pokémon before translation of "Pokemon" do stems, rather than a Level 5 animated)

But for Nintendo, the software linkage Apple Watch to increase the playability is not the main objective of Pokemon GO. Good with the surrounding "squeeze" fans their wallet, finally launched a Pokemon GO wearable device Pokemon GO Plus. According to Engadget reported, this Pokemon GO Plus is a specifically for Pokemon GO external equipment, mainly to provide users with news alerts, elves capture.

Pokemon GO Plus uses water droplets wizard ball shape looks like a badge Hall Road, in the middle of the circle is actually a lamp. LEDs have the following three modes:
Green: near pokemons
Red: failed to capture the spirit
Lantern: Capture Success

In addition, Pokemon GO Plus when the indicator lights will produce a corresponding vibration to prompt the user to increase the realism ?? Pokemon GO Plus development purpose is to allow players to more easily capture wizard, it is a reminder to capture in one device. Players can directly through this small device to capture the spirit of behavior than pulling out the phone more convenient. Standing on this point, it is Apple Watch and have the same attributes.

If the balance between the two in the same comparison, Apple Watch have the screen, the user can be completed in addition to the above three operating outside can also view CP value, hatching schedule, and functionality will be a lot stronger than the Pokemon GO Plus. At this point the lack of exclusive play it standing all ages market, Pokemon GO Plus will still lack a little competitive. After all, do not understand the background story of the adult players to consider or real function,Pokemon GO Plus is not cold. Nintendo will soon be able to wake treasure dream Z skills 3DS console game "Pokémon Day / Month" in the launch of the Z bracelet (Z ri nn Corning) and pure crystalline Z (Z ku ri su ta) in the game

In addition, Pokemon GO Plus did not like Nintendo's upcoming Z bracelet (Z ri nn Corning)) and Z pure crystal (Z ku ri su Tatari Hikaru) as allowing treasure can dream emit special skills or can improve the capture probability and other advantages, so it is difficult to attract younger users or diehard fans. So, just from this comparison can know, Pokemon GO Plus really is just a game feeling stressed tools. Some netizens said, it may just be a distinction had passed, ordinary Pokemon GO users with addiction to follow suit, marking and Pokémon fans feelings.

According to data released by Nintendo, Pokemon GO Plus will be on sale on the 16th of this month, priced at $ 35. Then, you use Apple Watch play Pokemon GO, still with 35 USD to change a sign of feeling it?
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