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Pokemon go on-line a month has broken the five world records. Pokemon go from the game an on-line received global players like, because as a AR game make many players want to experience, at present there are many countries still unopened clothing, Pokemon go actually has broken the five Guinness Book of world records, I believe we do not difficult to believe that, after all, the game is very popular, below we look at the five world records.
Five record the breaking.
1 mobile games online first month's highest revenue: in the first month, create a $206 million 500 thousand revenue.
2 The first board up to the country to download and install the top of the phone game: game on the line a month to create a 130 million Download record.
3 The amazing speed to make the revenue topped $100 million mobile game: in less than 20 days, revenue has reached $100 million, but also so far the fastest record.
4 The first board to top the country's top mobile phone game revenue:   in more than 50 countries have won the top spot.
5 Win the top of the list of Download list in the first month to l: in at least 70 countries in the APP rankings won the first download record.
Pokemon go game is currently popular in the world, but Chinese service  haven't been to online, not only because the game problem such as security, estimated number of countries take several areas might be more than other people all add up to much, so the capacity of the server also should take. So the service  online, you like which company agent, tencent or netease?
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